Yuta Hamaguchi is artistic director, Dancer, Gyrotonic trainer based in Germany.

Yuta Hamaguchi was born in Osaka, Japan. He started to dance on street on 1997. He won Japanese national street dance competition 1 time first praise, and 2 times third praise.

On 2005, he moved to Europe and shift his detection from entertainment dance to contemporary performing
art and worked in Cinevox Junior Company ( 2005-2006 )Polish dance theater(2006-2007) and Landestheater Coburg(2008-2011)

Beside working in Landestheater Coburg, he produced his own surrealistic Tanztheater work ‘ The boundary line which was return to sleep’ and ‘ she wanted to know which maid of Marie Antoinette’s she was ‘ He got several positive and negative critics on news papers.

On 2011, he became freelancer and research art/installations as communication and how to standardize for Hip-Hop street dance style to contemporary dance style.

Worked with Angie Hiesl production, Sabine Seume, Sidi Larbi Charkaoui, Eun-Sik Park at Theatro alla Scala, Staats oper Berlin, Deutsche oper am Rhein, Tanzhaus NRW, Galleries, on the street to experimental performances. 


Since 2014 started up a dance company as director.

———————— History as dancer ————————-

2013 June Teatro alla scala Siegfried ( Milano Italy ) with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

2013 April Staatsoper Berlin Siegfried ( Berlin Germany ) with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

2013 Apr-June Sabine Seume ( Düsseldorf Germany )

2013 March Deutsche Oper am Rhein ( Düsseldorf Germany )

2013 March Cocoon dance research ( Bonn Germany )

2013 March Die Geschichte vom Fuchs with Erika Winkler ( Düsseldorf Germany )

14.10.2012-18.11.2012 Teatro alla scala Siegfried ( Milano Italy ) with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

06.09.2012-10.10.2012 Staatsoper Berlin Siegfried ( Berlin Germany ) with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

15.08.2012-27.08.2012 Ruhrtriennale ( Essen Germany ) as physical installation

21.05.2012-06.07.2012 Konstantin Tsakalidis ( Konstanz Germany )

01.3.2012-12.05.2012  Eun-sik park ( Germany Essen )

01.01.2012-05.2.2012  Oper die Nachtigall ( Germany Düsseldorf ) With Amelie Jalowy

06.11.2011  Oper Carmen ( Germany Koblenz) as actor

01.07.2011-01.10.2011  Deep emotions dance company  ( Switzerland Bern ) with Nicole Soltermann

01.08,2011-30-08.2011  Angie Hiesl production ( Germany Köln )

2008-2011 Landesthater Coburg (Germany) with Katharina Torwesten/ Marc MCclain

2006-2007 Polish Dance Theater (Poland) with Ewa Wycichowska

2001-2003 Universal studio Japan dancer (Japan) with Kaori Kanaya

———————— History as choreographer ————————-

2008 July          Music video Trikot – Wasser aus der Spree

2013 Sep-Dec  Musical  – Music 4 everybody

———————— History as director ————————-

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