Performer needed.

Yuta Hamaguchi/Paranoia Agency is looking for a male or a female Performer for new creation

( working title.)  Kitty bites my finger or backward induction or/and attribute.

1, Dates fo rehearsal
•rehearsal is divided into 2 periods,
•First period is 18-31 January 2016,
•Second is 22- Premiere.
•date of premiere is not sure yet.
•It depends on badged and schedule of performance place
( be clear on January 2016.)

2, Honorer
We warrant that lowest total honor is 1000 euro. (Max 4000 euro)

3, Performer type
•We need all round type of performer.
•Dance technics are not required. ( basically all welcome.)
•Have some unexpected visual skills are nice advantage
(for example one can type very fast on PC or smart phone. or Chinese sword fight )

4, Date of Audition/ where to apply

Dead line is 30th October.
Audition will be held on 2nd of November at Tanzhaus NRW studio 2 from 10:00-16:00.
Please send your CV(incl photo, your extra skill) and
Video link of youtube or Vimeo to

5, Reference
if you want to watch my previous creation, please visit
There is trailer and documentation.

I am looking forward to see you!
Yuta Hamaguchi

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